MY WORK: Masonry Research

Dr. R. C. de Vekey PhD, DIC, C.Chem, MRSC, FBMS

(also Professional member of the Masonry Society (USA), Founder member of the British Masonry Society, Member of the Institute of Materials)

Brief technical CV (edited highlights!): Since August 2000 I have semi-retired and taken on the role of an Associate (consultant). My main career has been at the Building Research Establishment (BRE)) concerned mainly with structural performance, durability and safety of brick and block masonry structures and buildings, particularly housing. I have carried out research on performance of masonry in compression, flexure, shear, environmental exposure, fire and effect of workmanship. I have maintained a continued interest and involvement in the development of British and European Regulations, Codes of Practice and Performance Standards for masonry materials. I have a special interest and expertise in the performance, problems and maintenance of cavity walls and associated ancillary components such as ties, hangers, fixings etc. I have an interest in non-destructive and in-situ test methods for application in buildings, particularly for the assessment of concrete frame and masonry structures. I am author or co-author of more than 100 externally refereed papers and I have contributed to several books.

Since the BRE was privatised in 1997 there has been a lot of reorganisation and the area I work in is now termed the Centre for Whole Life Construction and Conservation (CWLCC) covering Whole Life cost/performance, Heritage, Archaeology, Stone and Masonry.

Technical activities in the last seven years: Standards, Codes of Practice and Building Regulations for the United Kingdom, and Europe. Areas covered were specification and testing of masonry units, ancillary materials, masonry composite materials. Supervised programmes of work on lateral performance of masonry, creep effects in compression, test methodologies, reinstatement / maintenance technologies. wind loading of masonry, durability. We co-operate with the industry to develop new materials, systems and design methodologies. We carry out a lot of specialist consultancy, troubleshooting and in-situ diagnostic testing of masonry including mortar strength, unit/mortar bond, in-situ stress and elasticity, dampness investigations and durability problem solving.

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